Consultant Work Diary

Need to keep an accurate work diary as evidence to support annual appraisal and job planning? This event-based journal will track and report all your DCC, SPA, leave and CPD activities.

It is built on a Filemaker Pro runtime database that, like the logbook, will run on iOS, PC, and pre-Sierra versions of Mac OS X.


The Work Diary is a database designed to collect and to report daily clinical activities against an NHS job plan. Reports collate DCC and SPA activities as weekly averages for job planning and appraisals as well as providing a drag & drop repository for CPD certificates. The single datafile ‘workdiary.fmp12’ runs interchangeably on a Windows PC / Mac / iPad / iPhone. Reports are available on all platforms (so no need to import cases back and forth). On the iPad or iPhone reports can be air printed or sent as pdfs by email to a device attached to a printer.

Check out the system requirements and upgrade guide before downloading or tour the work diary. Although the PC / Mac versions are completely self-contained Apps, you will need to pre-install the free ‘FileMaker Go‘ App from the App store onto your iPhone / iPad to use the diary on iOS. Its all free, but do consider donating something towards the development costs if you like the program!


  iOS Work Diary needs FileMaker Go


The Work Diary is available to download free of charge, but please consider making a donation towards website costs if you find the program useful.