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The Anaesthetic Logbook collects and reports in-theatre caseload in line with the appraisal requirements of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

It is designed to run on multiple platforms, so the datafile ‘logbook9.fmp12’ is interchangeable on a Windows PC / Mac (but only up to OS X 10.11 El Capitan) / iPad / iPhone. Reports are available on all devices (so no need to import cases back and forth). On an iPad or iPhone, reports can be air printed or sent as pdfs by email.

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Consultant Work Diary

Need to keep an accurate work diary as evidence to support annual appraisal and job planning? This event-based journal will track and report all your DCC, SPA, leave and CPD activities.

It is built on a Filemaker Pro runtime database that, like the logbook, will run on iOS, PC, and pre-Sierra versions of Mac OS X.

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Blog book

Lifelong Learning Platform Logbook

Congratulations to the RCoA on the release of its first online logbook facility. The project aims to tie together different types of data entry from procedures, sessions and caselogs while updating and replacing the older e-portfolio. In terms of integration with existing logbooks, the College has released the following information on its website: “The logbook records …


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