Lifelong Learning Platform Logbook

Congratulations to the RCoA on the release of its first online logbook facility. The project aims to tie together different types of data entry from procedures, sessions and caselogs while updating and replacing the older e-portfolio. In terms of integration with existing logbooks, the College has released the following information on its website:

“The logbook records information differently to how current logbooks do. Why is this?
When designing the logbook, we needed to consider anaesthetists in training, consultant/career grade doctors, and ACCS doctors. The Logbook is split into different types of logs; however, we have designed the logbook to support all user groups. The information you log (as an anaesthetist in training) will produce a summary report identical to that contained within the anaesthetic curriculum.”

“There are no options for me to add my own operations, anaesthetics, regionals etc (via a free text box).
We hope to continue developing the reporting feature of the logbook and providing different types of reports. Having a set list, rather than free text, means that we are able to produce future reporting features that will support anaesthetists in training and trainers. We are looking into giving the user the ability to add their own operation (if they cannot find this from the list).”

“Will I be able to link my own logbook to the platform?
At present, there is no functionality to allow the user to import their old logbook data. This is because of the following:
• There are multiple logbook software available that hold slightly different data. Any import would need to be manual (the user sorting an excel download and uploading this to the platform)
• The structure for the logbook on the platform is different from existing logbooks”

“We appreciate that this will mean that a wealth of old logbook information will need to be kept separate to the platform. One solution would be to download a summary of your old logbook data and upload this as an activity to the platform.”

SOURCE: RCoA Lifelong Learning Portal FAQs