Data security and logbooks

If you have any lingering worries about data security and potentially identifiable information you may have recorded over the years within your logbook, now is a good time to do some spring-cleaning.

Most of the logbook fields are designed as safe, non-specific ‘pick-list’ options. The fields where you may have inadvertently entered personally identifiable information are:

  • Ref
  • DoB
  • User 1
  • User 2


  • Ref
    Click on the field name ‘Ref’ (white text,¬†blue background). This will call up a routine that allows you to replace all entries in this field with a new sequence of ascending numbers based on order of entry into the logbook.


  • DoB
    Dates of birth can similarly be scrubbed from the logbook by clicking on the field name ‘DoB’ (white text, blue background). The routine first uses any entered DoBs to calculate an age that is permanently stored in the ‘Age’ field prior to deletion of all dates of birth.


  • User 1 or User 2
    Check the contents of the ‘User’ fields by clicking on the field name (as above). ¬† This will reveal any terms entered into the field so far. If you spot an identifier that should be removed, use the search facility to highlight these entries so that they can be amended.