iOS 11 incompatibility

If you can no longer open your logbook after an iOS update, your FileMaker Go version (not the logbook itself) is probably out of date.

The logbook datafile ‘logbook9.fmp12’ runs on all versions of FileMaker Go (12-16) but, iOS 11 has been designed to run only 64-bit apps and so Apple have effectively abandoned ship on older 32-bit versions of the app. FileMaker Go versions 15 (released March 2017) and 16 (released July 2017) are 64-bit, and so continue to work fine after the iOS 11 upgrade.

The Solution

  1. Go to the App store. Search for the new 64-bit version (16) of FileMaker Go as it will have been distributed as a different app.
  2. Install it to your iOS device.
  3. Then use either iTunes or iMazing ( to get the ‘logbook9.fmp12’ file off the old FileMaker Go app on your iPhone, and onto a laptop/desktop computer.
  4. EmailĀ the ‘logbook9.fmp12’ file to yourself as an email attachment.
  5. Open the email on your iPhone after you have installed the newest version of Filemaker Go, and the mail app will offer you the option to install it to the new FMGo version.

For more info on moving files see:

2 Replies to “iOS 11 incompatibility”

  1. I was unable to do this following the instructions with either iTunes or iMazing mini, but managed it with the full version of iMazing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mandi, I downloaded the Windows free trial version of iMazing (, and it allowed me to explore and retrieve the App files on my iPad more flexibly than iTunes. It actually used the existing iTunes backup to find the logbook file, rather than needing a new sync of its own. The free trial appears to be available for Mac OS too, and is advertised as almost as functional as the full version, but restricts the user to 100 file transfers between devices.

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