OS X Sierra and High Sierra incompatibility

So… you’ve just upgraded your Mac’s operating system and the logbook will no longer work! The good news is that your data is still safe, but regrettably the decision to block FileMaker Pro runtime on OS X Sierra and High Sierra is down to Apple… ironic considering they make both products, but completely beyond anyone else’s control. I’m writing this post on a Mac, but sadly won’t be upgrading my OS X for that very reason. In terms of making a logbook that will work on all devices, the College is currently commissioning a server-based logbook from a commercial company called ‘Nomensa’, but it is likely to take them some time to complete it. FileMaker Pro has been a useful platform up until this move by Apple as it works on all versions of Windows from 95 through to 10, and all versions of OS from 9 through to El Capitan. We have used it since 1996 so it has stood the test of time reasonably well as a cross-platform engine. If Apple see the light and remove the block we will adapt it, but there isn’t any way round it at present.


  1. All the reports are available on iOS, but you need to locate your ‘logbook9.fmp12’ within the ‘RCA Mac Logbook 9’ folder. To upload your ‘logbook9.fmp12’ to an iOS device:
    – First download the free ‘FileMaker Go 16’ app from the app store on the iOS device
    – Then email your ‘logbook9.fmp12’ as an attachment to yourself and open the file on the device using FMGo
  2. To upload to PC:
    – Install the PC version of the logbook from www.logbook.org.uk
    – Replace the ‘logbook9.fmp12’ file in the PCs @logbook9 folder with your old mac ‘logbook9.fmp12’ file
  3. If you just want to produce a one-off set of reports, try this