FileMaker Pro software for Sierra

The self-contained Mac logbook/work diary runtime packages won’t work in Sierra/High Sierra, but FileMaker do permit download of a free time-limited but fully functional trial version of the Mac FileMaker Pro software that could be used, for instance, to try out printing all the reports for an upcoming appraisal?

The current (version 16) trial software can be downloaded from:

Install the trial, then open the ‘logbook9.fmp12’ (or WorkDiary.fmp12) file from within the FileMaker trial program.

Previous trial versions compatible with the logbook/work diary were also available via:

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  1. Hi
    I have been regularly using file maker go app . After downloading new ios 11 i have lost it. How to retrieve it?

    1. Hi, your FileMaker Go app is most likely a 32-bit app and can’t be opened by the iOS 11 update (not the logbook), so first of all you need to go to the App store and download FileMaker Go 16. You can then get at the ‘logbook9.fmp12’ file attached to the old FMGo app using a utility called ‘iMazing’ that works as a download facility when loaded onto a Mac / PC attached to your iPhone.
      Then you can email the file back to yourself and open it in the new FMGo app on your iPhone.

      More details here:

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